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Green Pine Resiné Wax Creamy Sensitive Resiné Wax Brazilian Blue Hardwax
Green Pine Resin Wax

A strong natural stabilized wax which gets the bulb of the hair upon removal while pine turbins desensitize the skin reducing redness and discomfort. the wax can be applied transparently thin onto both legs before removing with a strip and does not change consistency or crystallize. Available in 18oz microwaveable jar or 14oz metal tin. Great for speed waxing.

Creamy Sensitive Resin Wax

A creamy, soft, hypoallergenic wax which greatly reduces redness and irritation using 100% hydrogenated esters of resin. Suitable for sensitive areas and clients who tend to bump up easily. We use the highest quality esters available making it less sticky and leaving a nice clean finish. Can also be used for the entire body. Available in18oz jar or 14oz metal tin.

Brazilian Blue Wax

Known in Europe as Film Wax, this hardwax stays pliable without getting brittle even on the edges. Can be applied thin and still creates a strong but flexible layer in which the hairs are fixed. Suitable for all sensitive areas such as face, underarm, and bikini. Does not get stringy during application. Available in a 1000 gram bag of beads. Learn More about Brazilian Blue Wax

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Just 5-10 minutes for a pair of half legs.

No re-growth for 4-6 weeks after the treatment.

A low temperature wax with soothing effects from pine.

Because of the speed and the special application method.

Easy removal of short thick hairs as well as fine baby hairs.

No crystallization due to strong stabilized resins.

Resiné is the featured wax at many of the world's finest day spas.

Damone Roberts "King of Eyebrow Waxing" - Beverly Hills
Coldwater Creek Spas - Throughout North America
Spa Nordstrom - Throughout North America
Juut Salonspas - 8 Locations, Minnesota
Montage Resort & Spa-Laguna Beach , Beverly Hills
Gene Juarez Salons & Spas - 8 Locations, Seattle
Gadabout Salons & Spas - 7 Locations, Tuscon
Jean Madeline - 5 Locations, Philadelphia
Burke Williams Spa – 7 locations, California
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